Miami Wives is a new program in which five Polish women show us their luxurious lives in Miami. In the last episode, we were able to learn about Sylvia’s daily life. A beautiful blonde took her friend to court in her spare time to spend time actively. However, it wasn’t just a court…

Miami wives. How does Siluia spend her free time with her friend?

Sylvia Graf is a participant in the very popular “Miami Wives” show. The heroine showed up in the first episodes – in her opinion – “It’s better to be late than to look bad”, which she confirms at every possible opportunity. She is a lawyer, mother of a 5-year-old, and president of a foundation that helps single mothers. He loves expensive luxury cars and trips with his loved ones on a private plane and Fisher Island.

What is Fisher Island? seluia Membership in this club on the most expensive and exclusive island is very important. What she thinks of this place and what it is for her, she said in the last episode.

Miami Wife and Membership in Fisher Island

In the second episode of “Miami Wives” we can see what the everyday life of our heroine is like. What do they do when they have a downtime? Siluya and her friend Eliza decided to spend time in an active way. Tennis turns out to be an ideal activity for both women.

I took her to Fisher Island where we are members. My coach is there and I try to play with him 3-4 times a week. Such a member is very expensive. Million zlotys for this membership per year – Siluya admits.

It turns out that the location of the “Miami Wife” was not at all a coincidence. Thanks to him, we can see what he looks like The richest zip code in the United States. The Polish woman categorically admitted that membership in this club is something unique, even priceless. Her statement shows that she really thinks so.

Fisher Island is a private membership club, the most expensive zip code in the United States, and the most money per square meter. Being a member there is invaluable. I want to be among the best, I want to belong to the city’s social cream.

It is a very prestigious place. If someone does not know that Fisher Island exists, that means that … very well, because he should not know about it, because it is not suitable.
If someone asks me about Fisher Island, that means that this is the end of our conversation. this is really.

Do you know what Fisher Island is? Would you like to be a member of this club?

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