‘A real fear of stress’

Harry, 37, and Meghan, 40, announced on Friday that they would be attending with the children – minutes after the Queen prevented them from entering the palace balcony for the Troops of Color party.

A source familiar with the matter said: “While the family is delighted with Harry and Meghan’s arrival, there is a real fear of tension, especially for the Netflix crew. There are fears that tensions could explode if the Netflix team travels to the UK and tries to seize the opportunities they have.”

“The concern is that they will push it and try to get to the Jubilee event areas where they can photograph Harry and Meghan and their children.

“Even if they accept that their Netflix crew can’t go to Buckingham Palace to see a movie, they could cause problems — or at least cause a serious distraction.

The old court men thought Netflix would see this as a great opportunity to use their million dollar deal with a couple.

“So the Palace Advisors team will be on standby to keep a close eye on the crew and act as guards when needed.”

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