Do you dream of removing a clothes dryer from your interior design? Tired of hanging and taking off clothes all the time? Limited space that does not allow you to place the washer and dryer separately in the apartment? A heat pump washer and dryer is the ideal solution for small spaces.

A heat pump washer and dryer is a device that is gaining increasing popularity among Poles, especially those who live in small apartments. Thanks to it, we will save time when hanging wet laundry, we will not lose precious space for a tumble dryer, and our clothes will not be imbued with odors during drying, for example from the kitchen. In addition, devices equipped with a heat pump are energy efficient and do not damage clothes due to drying at very low temperatures. We check how heat pump washers and dryers work and which ones to choose.

Heat pump washer dryer – how does it work?

The heat pump washer dryer is a new generation of 2-in-1 appliances that wash and dry our clothes. Thanks to the use of a heat pump, the equipment is more efficient than the devices of the old generation, and it also does not damage the clothes, because it dries them at a much lower temperature. A heat pump washer dryer works like a refrigerator. The device is equipped with a cooling system consisting of a compressor and an evaporator located in the cold area and a condenser in the hot area. In the cold region, the moist air cools and water condenses out of it. Then, in the heated zone, the cooled air is reheated with the same heat that it gave up upon cooling. Thanks to the use of this technology, a washer and dryer with a heat pump is more efficient than an old generation dryer, which dries clothes using air heated by a heater. Heat traps inside the device, so there is no power loss.

Heat pump washer dryers:

What should you pay attention to when choosing a heat pump washer dryer?

  • Drum load capacity and device dimensions – depending on the number of family members, select the appropriate drum capacity. Washer and dryer with a load capacity of 5 kg, enough for a family of three. Easily choose a device that fits your bathroom
  • Energy class – the higher the power class, the less electricity the device consumes. It’s best to choose washers and dryers marked with the symbol A .
  • Water Consumption – A washer dryer uses nearly twice as much water as a conventional washer. This should be taken into account when calculating the billing budget
  • Max spindle speed – the higher the better. Clothes to be dried must be spinning at least 800 rpm
  • Steam function
  • Various programs for washing, drying and refreshing clothes

Advantages of a heat pump washing machine

  • Save time and space – thanks to the washer and dryer, you won’t have to install dryers in the apartment. All you have to do is activate the appropriate wash and dry program, and after some time, you can get your dry, fresh clothes out of the drum.
  • Safe drying of fabrics – thanks to the use of a heat pump, clothes are not exposed to high temperatures, as is the case with conventional dryers. The drying temperature in devices equipped with a heat pump is about 50°C
  • No need to iron dry clothes
  • Low risk of allergy – dryer captures even the finest pollen
  • Separate clothes, bedding and blankets while drying – especially useful when you own a pet

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