The report shows that even if European countries buy 100 percent of natural gas, already in 2035, the demand for this gas will be twice what Norway can produce. As a result, Europe also has to rely on another resource. According to the scenario presented in the report, the so-called average gas demand will grow by 1% annually. In the years 2021-2035. This increase is in line with limiting global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius, Norsk olje og gass confirms. – We can see that Norwegian production is critical to meet the energy needs of Europe. Norway needs to make sure we do enough exploration, development and production to fulfill our role as a supplier of safe energy, comments Torbjørn Giæver Eriksen, Director of Business and Communications Policy at Norsk olje og gass.

Another scenario described in the report assumes that Norwegian gas will not be sufficient to cover the needs of all of Europe. – Even with the sharp decline in gas demand in Europe, as a result, inter alia, of increased investment in renewable energy and other technologies, Norwegian gas still has to meet demand, although by 2035 gas demand in Europe will exceed production Annual gas in Norway, as we have read.

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