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KMT Chairman Zhou Lilon met with the “Taiwan Indo-Pacific” group of scholars at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution on 24. Zhou Lilon said the KMT emphasized a “two-dimensional strategy” to enhance defense and dialogue, and reduce intersectionality. – Portraying differences through dialogue and exchanges… Taking risks and defending the homeland with a strong national defense. (Provided by the Kuomintang) Central News Agency reporter Liu Guanting faxed August 24, 111

(Central News Agency reporter Liu Guanting, Taipei, 24) KMT Chairman Zhou Lilon today met with Stanford University’s Hoover Institution group of scientists, “Taiwan in the Indo-Pacific,” saying that it may be relatively difficult to communicate and negotiate with the other side , but the Kuomintang is willing to work hard to do so, and buy more time for Taiwan to solve domestic issues.

Zhu Lilun met with Admiral James O. Ellis Jr., Chief of the National Security Task Force at the Hoover Institution, Senior Scholar Larry Diamond, Distinguished Visiting Scholar Matt Pottinger, Senior Scholar Michael McFaul, and others from the “Taiwan Indo-Pacific (TIPR)” group of scholars, the two sides fully exchanged views Consider about regional security, economic and trade issues, Taiwan-US relations and other issues.

Zhou Lilon said the KMT emphasizes a “two-dimensional strategy” to strengthen defense and dialogue, reduce the risks of cross-strait conflict through dialogue and exchanges, and at the same time defend the homeland with strong national defense; The Kuomintang supports the comprehensive defense concept (ODC) and the ability to fight asymmetrically. It is the position of the Kuomintang to maintain a strong national defense force and energy, while at the same time maintaining a channel of communication with the other side. In addition to the reform of the Taiwanese army service system and reserve system more urgent.

Zhu Lilun said it may be relatively difficult to communicate and negotiate with the other side, but if you are willing to work hard, you can buy more time for Taiwan to solve domestic issues such as national defense reform or the energy issue that is now. A major national security issue.

Zhu Lilun emphasized that the Republic of China is a democratic country, and the rotation of political parties is the norm. And although the KMT is currently in opposition, it is a responsible opposition party that considers national security and regional peace more than political interests. Parties.

Zhu Lilun also explained in response to questions at the meeting that in the two or three years since the outbreak of the epidemic, the government has not done due diligence towards Taiwanese living in mainland China. The Triangle, the Pearl River Delta, and the Fujian region all care about Taiwanese businessmen, students and compatriots and have their voices heard.

Zhou Lilon also said that Taiwan’s imports and exports are economically dependent on cross-Strait trade by as much as 42%, and a crisis in the Taiwan Strait will cause serious economic losses. When the Kuomintang Ma government was in power, Taiwan’s economy actually benefited from the Cross-Straits Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) signed with the mainland; However, since the DPP came to power, the channel of communication with the mainland has been cut off. In case the visa is not renewed, the mainland side can cancel it at any time.

Zhu Lilun noted that if the ECFA is terminated as a result, it will eliminate 539 items from the ECFA’s early-receipt list, which represents 16% of Taiwan’s exports to the mainland. Just imagine how much impact this will have on the economy and trade the loss will be for small and medium businesses in Taiwan and the people’s livelihood economy. Shock; As a responsible political party, the Kuomintang must communicate, and it will not have the courage to do what is good for the country due to political considerations. (Editor: Linklon) 1110824

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