Scottish Weekly Sunday Post It was announced Sunday that on January 19, the American Boeing 757, in use by US President Donald Trump, will land at Glasgow Prestwick airport from time to time. Trump card. This could mean that the politician will want to appear at the Trump Organization-owned Turnberry Golf Complex.

The date is not accidental, because on the next day – on January 20 – the oath will be taken the next day President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamali Harris. So reports indicate that Donald Trump will likely want to avoid participating in the event by spending his time playing golf.

President Trump will let you know when he announces his plans for January 20 – comment in an interview “Interested in business” Judd Deer, White House spokesman.’s editorial office also requested comment on the White House. We are waiting for the answer.

Trump pressured the official to “find” the votes he needed to win

Donald Trump without entering Scotland

Leading Scottish Nicolas Sturgeon has already announced that the US president will not be able to come to the country in the coming weeks. He cited it “independent” The Scottish Prime Minister also admitted that she did not know Donald Trump’s plans.

We do not currently allow anyone to come to Scotland without a valid reason. This applies to him and everyone else, Sturgeon noted. At the same time, she added, “Coming to golf is not something that you consider a good reason.”

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In November elections In the United States, incumbent President Donald Trump has not been re-elected, winning 74.2 million votes and supporting 232 voters. He will be the future head of state Joe Biden81.2 million voters and 306 voters voted.

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