Marcin Gortat And the Żaneta Stanisławska They got married in the middle of last year. The exact date of the ceremony is unknown, but the basketball player admitted in September 2021 at “Good morning TVN“His marital status has fallen apart change. Marcin once gave the magazine an interview in which he praised his wife to heaven. Now he did it again. This time on Instagram.

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Edita Gorniak at the party at Marcin Gortat

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Marcin Gortat and Shanita Stanislavka enjoyed at the Ambassador’s party

Żaneta Stanisławska is active on social media. On Instagram, she willingly shares photos that she poses with her beloved husband. Now, the business coach has boasted that she visited US Ambassador Marcin at the ceremony.

We had the opportunity to be guests during the 4th of July holiday at the US Ambassador’s residence. This is American culture very close to me and an opportunity for interesting and inspiring conversations, among others with John Kerry, Umina Mensah and Ravi Brzoska.

Marcin chose a classic suit. On the other hand, Shanita was wearing a long dress, black Dress with slit on the leg. The basketball player was impressed by how his wife presented herself, which he expressed in the comment below the photo.


Internet users perfectly understood the joy of a basketball player.

A leg to heaven. Nice.

Looks great.

Marcin Gortat’s chosen one also shared a short recording of John Kerry’s speech. Former Secretary of State in the Barack Obama administration praised the Poles for their openness to Ukrainian refugees.

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