Ewa Verna is lying in the lap of nature with her few month old daughter. The singer captured the moment she was hugging little Ella and shared this sweet frame on Instagram. By the way, she admitted that limiting her activity on social media is a deliberate measure, thanks to which she has time for family life.

Ewa Verna is pictured with her daughter

Ewa Verna became a mother in 2019, when she was born to her son of Arthur. Three years later, the singer gave birth girlwho gave it its original name Ella. The girl is growing fast – it just ended four months.

Internet users have not yet had the opportunity to see the little boy in all his glory. Ewa Verna protects the photos of both children, and each photo shared with them is properly cropped so that their faces are not visible. The singer avoids talking about her private life in the media and details it on Instagram.

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Ewa Verna makes sure that her profile mainly includes content related to professional activity and concert staff. Seeing family shots is a rarity in her narration, which is why any deviation from this standard arouses so much interest. It happened this time too.

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The star posted a charming photo taken in the background of the mountains. Young mother holds baby Ella with her back to the camera in her arms. You can see that the girl can already flaunt her very dark hair.

Ewa Verna has limited her media activity

Ewa Verna appreciates the moments she spent with her loved ones. In her last Instagram post, she indicated that she has limited her online activity in order to take advantage of her free time and have fun with the kids.

– I’m here in “Audio” maybe less present now, but I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be – Written in Polish and Czech.

The singer met with great understanding from fans who support her. – You both look beautiful. Suszal will wait, there are more important things. (…) Everything has its time.

– You where the most expensive scenes: the family. Suzal, no rabbit won’t run away. (…]You combine everything and it’s beautiful. Enjoy every moment – We read in the comments of Internet users.

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author:Berenika Olesińska

Main image source: Full Piklikiewicz / East News