We will ask all expatriates to self-isolate in government-provided accommodations, such as hotels, for a period of 10 days without exception. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in the House of Commons that they will be transferred from the airport and transferred directly to the quarantine facility.

Travelers will have to pay for this stay out of their own pocket.

However, not all countries will have what is called a red leaf. To date, it has 22 countries. It includes those in South America, South Africa, and Portugal.

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But this is not the end. The UK government wants strict control over the departure of its citizens from the country.


It is illegal to leave your home for the purpose of traveling abroad for leisure activities. We’re going to charge that at airports, we’ll ask people why they’re leaving and ask them to go home if they don’t have a good reason to travel, ”Johnson said.

Currently, all visitors to the UK must submit a negative coronavirus test 72 hours before departure, and go into quarantine for 10 days upon arrival.

It may be shortened if the test is performed no later than the fifth day after the arrival of a paid test for the presence of the Coronavirus.