About the authorities Swiss The portal said that Basel is trying to reduce the number of homeless people on its streets 20 minutes. Although the offer seems controversial to many people, there are already people willing to sign the contract.

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The city offers a one-way ticket. Homeless people are prohibited from returning

As I mentioned NewsweekToprak Jiergo, a spokesman for the Basel Ministry of Justice, told the 20-minute newspaper that homeless people in the city can request a travel voucher and 20 Swiss francs ($ 21.90), which they pledge not to return to the country for a certain period of time. “The person who returns to Switzerland will be deported and arrested, meaning that he is in breach of the contract signed.

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“The beneficiaries must undertake in writing that they will not return to Switzerland – at least for a certain period. If they do return again, they risk being expelled from our country,” said Yergo.

According to Le News, 31 homeless people have already taken advantage of the city’s offer, including 14 from Romania and seven from German.

Switzerland “has zero tolerance for homelessness”

Campaign critics organized authorities Basel says it is “street cleaning”. They state that this is not the first work of its kind in Switzerland. Newsweek reported that the country “has demonstrated a zero-tolerance approach to homelessness.” The situation reminds us in 2014, when a homeless woman was placed in custody, who did not pay a fine for begging on the streets. The European Court of Human Rights responded to this situation. He vetoed the city’s decision and ruled that treating the homeless in this way interferes with the protection of residents ’rights. At that time, the city had to pay homeless people a compensation of 922 euros.

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Illustrative imageThe Indian variant of the Coronavirus has made its way to Switzerland

pandemic The already difficult situation for the homeless in Switzerland is exacerbated. According to the information SwissinfoIn Swiss cities, space in emergency sleep shelters has been restricted according to federal spacing laws. Currently, only one person can sleep in a quadruple room and two in a six-bed room. This means that many homeless people have been denied help from the site rz ± du. Thankfully, many charities and church foundations saved the day.