Poland is one of the top three exporting countries of puppies to Great Britain – “Gazeta Wyborcza” writes.

The epidemic has shook prices for purebred dogs. According to the Dogs Trust, it has increased nearly 100 percent. A French Bulldog puppy in Great Britain costs $ 3,000. Pounds and now? Over 10,000 pounds or pounds to weigh.

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However, not only our citizens buy, but also foreign customers come to the breeders. How do you look As GW explains, puppies can be transferred within the European Union for two purposes: commercial and non-commercial.

The first is strictly controlled by the border services and requires payment of a fee for the activity being conducted.


The second is less formal, but the animals must meet certain requirements (be at least 15 weeks old, have a passport, be properly classified and unvaccinated). This way, one person can transport up to 5 animals.

This is the method used by the smugglers. Breeders earn up to $ 4,000 on the black trade. PLN per one dog. They help arrange false passports and approve scandalous conditions for dog travel – “Wyborcza” lists.

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