August 8, 2021, 2:37 pm

author: Christian Smozna

Fans of black metal and widely understood action games. Dom loves with true love.

The holidays are a great time when you can get excited about the things we seem to know so well. So I decided to take this opportunity to immerse myself once again in the world offered by RDR2, the best game in the history of electronic entertainment.

I had this intention from what?? Time and eventually, desire turned into action. After more than two years, I’m back to Red Dead Redemption 2To relive the slow path of the Dutch gang’s downfall with its most tragic hero, Arthur Morgan. This marathon lasted for more than 20 hours and although the story is still far away, I am convinced that this is the best game in the history of electronic entertainmentthat may never be defeated.

Detoxing for two years is obviously a lot of abuse, because I’ve played West so many times during this time and You probably got 500 hours total. However, I mainly spent them researching mechanics, discovering different flavors, as well as taking long flights online. The story wasn’t moved because I simply wasn’t ready for it. I wanted to forget a lot of the events I went through before the game premiere, and I kind of managed to do that. Sure, major fluctuations are hard to erase from memory, but Red Dead Redemption 2 Offers a lot of content among these the most important actions that I feel now that I am discovering ?? two ?? again.

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I understand that this is not everyone’s game and there will be many of you who will smile at the sound of the word “masterpiece”. That the fast pace of Western films and the frightening number of dialogues can anyone? bodice. That working here sometimes as a cure and that, to a large extent, we have to shape Arthur’s adventure ourselves, because at least RDR 2 It retains the typical Rockstar mission structure, but a lot of appreciative things have been crammed between them, not necessarily in the form of additional activities, turning any open world productions into a frenetic path from one brand to the next. A happy resource here in situations we would never encounter in other games, like Shaun’s welcome party at camp. Arthur, having left camp, could make riding with the songs heard at night more enjoyable, but only when we take the trouble to listen to them to the end and make a miserly attempt at them? Singing with our friends.

I already have 500 hours in RDR2, and I keep discovering new things.  - Red Dead Redemption 2 is the best and I doubt if it will be defeated - Documentary - 2021-08-07

I already have 500 hours in RDR2, and I keep discovering new things.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Today ?? The undisputed king of the open worlds, their only and true standard, which I have repeated many times before. Discovering its secrets, often after several hundred hours, I often wondered if anyone would be able to do it? breakthrough. I’m asking myself this question now, and I’m enjoying the singles campaign again. The bar was hung so hard that even Rockstar himself would have trouble with it. This company has in its DNA a desire to take it to the next level with each new business, but I can’t even imagine what it must have been like. GTA VI?eby red dead breakthrough. And how long it will take, because taking into account the fact that The Adventure of Arthur Morgan was written for eight years (the dialogues themselves were recorded for five years), the return Grand Theft Auto It will be real closer to 2030 than to 2025.

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Well, I’m going back to Horseshoe Overlook for another challenge, after all Kieran is still tied to the tree and requires attention. At this time, you can lead me to an exaggerated glorification of boring foolishness. Where do I have it from??.

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