Pańska Góra will undergo an extensive development process for the space, but before that, several hundred trees and shrubs must be removed.

The Andrychów Commune has announced a tender for the removal of trees and shrubs as part of the investment “Pańska Góra – Comprehensive Development of Recreational Spaces and Parks in Andrychów Commune” of an area of ​​about 9,592 square meters with the purchase of timber obtained from logging. This is the way trees are called care).

Trees whose trunk circumference does not exceed 5 cm are cut:

– 80 cm – in the case of poplar, willow, gray-leaved maple and silver maple,

– 65 cm – in the case of horse chestnut, black locust and London plane,

– 50 cm – for other tree species

And other shrubs that grow in clusters of up to 25 square meters in the planned investment area – in the area of ​​logging and shrubs referred to in Annex 8. [grafika]

The logging, to be done by the end of the year, is the first component in a major investment in the overall development of the recreational and park space in Pańska Góra and Antecki Pond. The investment will be carried out in the form of a design-construction value of 19 million PLN by the Arco System of Oświęcim. The municipality will receive a subsidy of 12 million PLN for this purpose from the Marshal’s office.


The Antiki Pond, which was previously a reservoir to supply water to the nearby mill (flooded during the Millennium Flood in 1997), is to be rebuilt, and the Bayska Jura will be properly developed.

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New piers, bicycle paths and lighting will be built. Existing allotment gardens fencing will also be dismantled and built on a brand new site. The “grove” will also be cut down, but new farms will appear. Dams will be built with a walking and cycling path.

The walking pier will also be a big attraction. There should be a green recreation and relaxation area for adults, and children’s play equipment.

Additionally, the new tank is set to function as a retention facility. The works are expected to continue until 2022.