Magdalena Froche won her sixth straight American hardcourt fencing. The Polish women have successfully started the ITF World Tennis Tour competition with a prize pool of 100,000. Dollars in Landisville. Katarzina Kawa also showed good results.

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Magdalena Froch

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On Sunday, Magdalena Froche (WTA 130) won the competition at Concorde and achieved the biggest success of her professional career. Soon the Lodz player moved to Landisville, where the women compete in a major event on the ITF World Tennis Tour. At first, the Pole played a duel for two days, because the rainy weather made himself known.

Fręch defeated Spanish Cristina Bucsa (WTA 162) 6:2, 6:3 at the inauguration. The meeting started on Wednesday and ended on Thursday. The aura interrupted him in the middle of the second set. After the appeal, Pole quickly got a break and didn’t concede the advantage. She likely advanced to the 1/8 finals, in which she will face Clara Towson (WTA 99). The duel with the second number of the Danish seed will take place on Friday.

The win in the first round was also won by Katarzina Kawa (WTA 176), who joined Fręch on the American hard courts after the fight for the European meal ended. At the start of the performance in Landisville, the Krynica-born tennis player won a two-day match (3:6, 6:1, 7:5) with talented Swiss Leoni Kong (WTA 163). On Thursday, Kawa started the 1/8 final duel, which he leads with Ankita Raina (WTA 198) of India 6:3, 6:7 (4), 1:0. It will be completed on Friday.

If Fręch and Kawa win both matches in the second round, they will face each other in the quarter-finals. It will be a repeat of the final of the Polish championship in Paitum, in which the Lodz player was victorious. Our tennis players appeared together on the court in Landisville. However, they were not competitors, but partners. In the first match of the doubles championship, Britain’s Samantha Murray Sharan, Russia’s and Riya Swinich (6:4, 6:3) turned out to be better than them.

Koser Jeweler Tennis Challenge. Jawahiri Kosar Tennis ChallengeLandesville (USA)
ITF World Tennis Tour, Hard Court, $100,000 prize pool
Tuesday – Thursday 10-12 August

Second round of singles:

Magdalena Frosch (Poland) – Clara Tousson (Denmark, 2) *to be played
Katarzyna Kawa (Poland) – Ankita Raina (India, Q) 6-3, 6:7 (4), 1-0 *complete

First round of singles:

Magdalena Frosch (Poland) – Kristina Boksa (Spain) 6-2, 6-3
Katarzyna Kawa (Poland) beat Leonie King (Switzerland) 3-6, 6-1, 7-5.

First round of doubles:

Samantha Murray Sharan (Great Britain, 3) / Walleria Sawinic (Russia, 3) – Magdalena Froch (Poland) / Katarzina Kawa (Poland) 6:4, 6:3

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