To control the situation before the match between Real Madrid and Liverpool (1-0), the police used tear gas. 39 people were arrested.

Some right-wing politicians, including Reconquista chair Eric Zemmour, who is running for the upcoming parliamentary elections, accused local youths from the suburbs of Saint-Denis, who also tried to storm the stadium.

“What we should really remember is that the uproar was due to a group of British Liverpool fans who had or did not have fake tickets at all. Odea Castera told French radio RTL that when there were a lot of people at the entrance to the stadium, there were also youngsters. From the region they are trying to enter by mingling with the public.

‘National disgrace’

Chaotic scenes outside the national team’s stadium have been dubbed a “national disgrace” in the media as France prepares to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Olympic Games.

Liverpool manager Billy Hogan said the treatment of Reds supporters was “unacceptable” and UEFA would demand an investigation. A similar view was expressed by Liverpool’s minister in charge of sport in Britain, Nadine Doris.

In turn, the Minister of Odea Castera confirmed that during the Saturday match there were no problems with the Real Madrid fans, and the Spanish club was able to better control the visits of its fans to Paris.

Video: Reuters The police intervened before the Champions League final

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Source: PAP

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