Magda Gesler and Brad Pitt in one frame. impossible? And yet! The restaurateur fulfilled her dream and appeared in the recording with a famous actor. The train scene in which the American superstar is silenced has already gone viral.

The Colorful Life of Magda Geisler

Magda Gessler has been attracting throngs of fans of “Kitchen Revolutions” to television for more than a decade. Over the years of the program’s broadcast, the restaurateur has gained immense popularity. Recently, she also published her autobiography. Magda.

#BezCukru with Oskar Netkowski

The star is known not only for its glass screen. It’s also been a sensation on the web for a long time, incl. Reply to fan comments. Many of them rely on the salutation, or worship of “besos”.

Magda Gesler and Brad Pitt in one movie

Interncie was mad when Magda Gessler appeared in the frame alongside Brad Pitt. The restaurateur appeared in the Polish promotional campaign for the movie “Bullet Train”. The American actor plays a serial killer who is trapped on a Japanese train with his colleagues. The funniest part of the video is when Gesler scolds the star for having extremely loud conversations in the silent car.

There were also emotional reactions from fans under the recording. – but what ?! Magda here?! Someone was not trusting. Another person added, “An absolute hit.” There is no doubt that fans of the restaurant are already waiting for the production with her participation.

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Main image source: Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Matthews Jagelsky/East News