After the previous two editions of Eurovision, the British returned from it on disk, taking the last places (since 2003 it happened to them five times). Since Bleu reached eleventh in the finals 11 years ago, the UK team hasn’t been able to get past the second and third tens. Sam Ryder has secured the long-awaited new hand this year – his “Spaceman” has reached second place on the podium.

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What do you do to win Eurovision? We analyze viewers’ likes and dislikes based on examples from previous years

Eurovision 2022. Who is Sam Ryder, runner-up?

In 2020, during the lockdown, Sam Ryder began sharing covers online, which quickly caught the attention of many netizens, including Elton John. Sets of Ryder’s shows were shown on television (including the show “The Eileen Show”), and by the end of 2020 Ryder had tens of millions of plays. A year later, Sam Ryder was crowned the most popular British artist on TikTok. At the moment, his profile is viewed by more than 12.5 million people.

In 2021, Ryder released the music album “The Sun’s Gonna Rise” with five songs, including “Whirlwind”, which describes Sam’s travels. Before deciding to pursue a solo career, he wrote and played in bands – he lives in Hawaii and runs a vegan café. His London premiere sold out in under 10 minutes – roughly the same speed as his first full UK tour.

When Ryder was invited to participate in Eurovision, he agreed without hesitation – especially since he had been a fan of the competition for years. The song “Space Man”, which the singer won the hearts of the Eurovision audience, was created in 15 minutes. – It was a wonderful process. The dream is that when you enter the studio to write Song With other people, you’ll do it effortlessly, says Ryder. – You won’t feel tired because it will just come to you and you will be in the right place and time to catch it. If it’s a good song, just get out of the way and let it flow. This is what happened that day.

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In audience and jury votes, Sam Ryder scored 466 points. The Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra, which performed the song “Stefania”, won 631 points. And the third place was taken by the representative of Spain, Chanel, with the song “SloMo”, with a total of 459 points.

Eurovision 2022. Ukraine did not have to win to win


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