The amendment to the Education Act of May 12, 2022 introduced a new provision (Article 125a), which, among other things, requires changes to the statutes of kindergartens, schools and educational institutions with regard to distance learning. Provisions regarding the obligation to provide detailed information related to the organization of classrooms using distance learning methods and technologies for the School System shall enter into force on September 1, 2022.

Distance learning regulations – from September 1

The necessity of amending the statute is indicated in Art. 5 sec. 7 of the May 2, 2022 law amending the Education System Law and some other laws. This means that the provisions for distance learning will apply from September 1, 2022.

The resolution usually enters into force on the day it is adopted. However, the Resolution may set a different date for the Resolution to enter into force by indicating an unambiguously precise date (eg September 1, 2022). Then it enters into force on the date specified in the resolution (legislative vacatio).

Possible changes project before the new school year

The description provided reads:

  • “The statutes of a kindergarten, a school, an institution, and in the case of another form of preschool education carried out by a legal person other than a local government unit or a natural person – the organization of preschool education, establishes in detail the organization of classes using the methods and techniques of distance learning referred to in paragraph 2, Including the information and communication technologies that teachers use to carry out these classes, the method of providing students with materials to carry out these classes, and the conditions for safe participation of students in these classes in relation to kindergarten, another form of pre-school education, or information and communication technology in the school or institution, with the aim of combining alternating learning with and without the use of screen displays.The School Statute also defines the method of confirming the participation of students in classes conducted using distance learning methods and technologies, taking into account the need to respect the privacy of the student as well as the technical conditions and programs of learning equipment “.
  • Law of May 12, 2022 amending the Education System Law and some other laws (Collection of Laws 2022, item 1116) – Art. 5 sec. 7.

Wanda Bakulnewitch