Demand for Teaching in Teaching – OPI PIB Survey Commissioned by MEiN


Information Processing Center – National Research Institute (OPI PIB) begins field research. The activities will be carried out at the request of the Ministry of Education and Science (MEiN) under the “Demand for Education in Teacher Training” project. OPI PIB expert analyzes will be of interest to teachers of vocational subjects and practical apprenticeships. According to the 2021 Job Barometer survey, it is in this group that it is more difficult for schools to find suitable job candidates.

As part of the initial research project, the scientists want OPI PIB to identify education trends for teachers of vocational subjects and practical vocational training that will be required in the next five to ten years. They will look at the school’s staffing status and the challenges in recruiting new teachers. Researchers will also analyze perspectives on faculty education and the competencies and qualifications of people entering their careers. OPI PIB experts will also examine the motivations of people choosing the teaching profession, consider their practical experiences, and analyze the reasons for abandoning this career path. It should be noted that, as a research context, the scholars chose the directions of provincial and state development – the main and future sectors of the economy and professions for which the demand in regional labor markets is greatest and will be.

So far, the team of the Statistical Analysis Laboratory at the Information Processing Center – National Research Institute has analyzed data on the demand for vocational education teachers, which appeared in the first half of 2021.

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Scholars from the OPI PIB looked at job offers in this profession, provincial strategic documents, the socio-economic development trends indicated in them, and regional challenges and specializations. In the coming months, researchers will be interviewing experts – people with the most knowledge in the field of professional education.

Representatives of education councils, teacher training institutions and other regional institutions closely related to the field of vocational education will be invited to participate in interviews. Current and former teachers will be asked to share their experiences and opinions in group interviews. OPI PIB scholars will also organize expert committees, to which they will invite representatives of sectoral competency boards – experts representing different environments and industries, who will be asked to discuss study findings and provide professional commentary.

The field study, including the recruitment of experts and the implementation of interviews, is being carried out by the consortium of Flow Nauka Sp. z oo and Flow Devs Sp. Zoo