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Fourth Edition “Love Island” It ended and the winners were Magda and Victor. The remaining spouses of the final troika also decided to continue the relationship after returning to the country. Previous edition winners, Caroline Guschneewicz and Matthews Zakarczuk, prove that you can find true love on the dating show. However, Mona could not do this, and admitted that her relationship with Dirt had ended. They both confirmed that they parted harmoniously.

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Love Island. Mona and Bruno announced their separation

Bruno and Mona didn’t reveal that they were a couple until their comeback love islands. Ditching the show brought them closer together. subscriber But happiness did not last long. Through InstaStories, they informed the moderators that they had decided to separate.

Mona admitted that the main reason for the separation was the distance between them. Bruno in Warsaw driving his car salon Hairdresser, and his partner lives in Szczecin. This turned out to be an insurmountable obstacle for them.

There is fire and passion between us, but real life and the responsibilities associated with it check everything. For now, we’ve decided that it’s hard for us to be in a long-distance relationship. Monica wrote: We do not cut off contact with each other, and the friendship that we have managed to build will not be lost.

Love Island. Mona and Bruno announced their separation Foot. Instagram / de_mona.zielinska

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The former islander also referred to the separation. He added that they remain friends with Mona and do not intend to cut off contact with her.

I am unable to give up Warsaw, because I have company here, and I have everything here to go to Szczecin and achieve there with all this. For now, I wish Monica all the best. We didn’t get into an argument, everything between us is fine, and well. He said: This is life.

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Did you predict them to have a longer relationship?