The following days bring new records for the fourth wave, as the number of infections last week exceeded 5,000, the value that was expected at the end of the month. The number of people hospitalized was also the highest in months. As Dr. Mishaw Sotkowski explained, this is the indicator and the number of people using ventilators is what we should look at first and foremost, because they show the actual picture of the epidemic.

– These numbers are the most reliable, it was a horror, but I have a bitter reflection: it is not so bad that it could not be worse. If we look at the situation in the region, in Ukraine, Germany, Latvia and the Czech Republic, it will be tragic. A few days ago I had the opportunity to talk to a friend From Bucharest and Romania, The doctor warned, which is one of the countries with the least immunization in Europe, people are dying in the corridors.

According to the expert’s estimate, the actual number of infections is up to five times the official data. – The biggest problem is that niecovidowi patients In the most important areas, for example in Lubelskie, Podkarpackie and Podlasie, but also in large cities, they will soon have difficulty accessing treatment and planned treatments. We have a huge health debt to focus on, but not at the expense of COVID-19 patients either. When one patient suffocates with lung cancer and the other from COVID, it is our duty to treat both of them, Sotkowski said.

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The doctor noted that excessive infections and hospitalizations put a heavy burden on the system, and there are also rashes from seasonal infections: colds, influenza, and cellular respiratory virus in children, which is why he called for restrictions.

– It would be an expression of everyone’s concern. I don’t want to meddle in the lives of the unvaccinated too much, we don’t have to go the Italian or the French way, but let’s do something. At first, let us strive to implement the current regulations – he said. He also added, employers should be able to check whether employees have been vaccinated. – And cinemas, theaters, public events and restaurants should be a field for vaccinators – he said.

The introduction of paid tests or vaccinations, for example, should be considered. My environment expects solutions that will lead to pro-Turkish behavior by Poles. We should unite on this topic, the discussion should be objective, not political. It is worth introducing certain rules as part of the consensus, then we will have a healthy golden Polish autumn – emphasized.

You need to fight fake news

Dr Sotkowski also called for countering false news about the pandemic and hate against healthcare professionals. – Dr. Sotkowski said – What is happening on the Internet is scandalous, haters and Internet thieves should disappear from the Internet, these issues require regulation.

– He said – We have the right to disagree, but these should be objective opinions and not opinions that also kill my environment. The shortcomings of the Internet that appear from every angle, like straw from shoes, are an expression of a lack of education and healthy stupidity. And most of all, it is extremely harmful to society – he said.

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