Watch parts of “A Woman’s Particles” together and talk about relationship, love, family relationships, and femininity in mourning – as part of the KinoTerapia project.

Martha and Shawn are an expectant couple whose lives will be irreversibly changed when the home birth ends in tragedy. For Martha, this marks the beginning of a year-long ordeal, during which she must deal with grief and find herself in a tense relationship with her bossy husband and mother. She also faces a legal standoff with a midwife the public hates.

Over the past year, many of us have faced a loss. It is a difficult and sensitive topic, but also very important. So, as part of the KinoTerapia project, we invite you to watch parts of “Particles of a Woman” together, which is a deeply personal, penetrating and touching story about a woman learning to live with the pain of loss. Together with psychologist Magdalena Kosmala and journalist Magdalena Gerzimkowska, we’ll look at different ways to deal with bereavement, support attitudes for people in bereavement and what to avoid when speaking to someone in distress.

KinoTerapia is a discussion club that uses blockbuster movies as an excuse to exchange opinions on topics in the field of psychology. The meetings are free of charge and have a workshop character, and each participant is encouraged to speak actively. During a closed session, participants watch movie excerpts (without revealing plot details), and then in subsets they discuss the problem presented. The discussion will be moderated by experts in psychology and social communication.

The project targets Poles and Polish-speaking people living in Great Britain, particularly in Scotland, and works under the auspices of Feniks – Counseling, Personal Development and Support Services Ltd. During the lockdown period, meetings are held online via the Zoom platform. Registered participants receive a link to the course.

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