Blue Origin by Jeff Bezos has just tested a rocket that will transport tourists into space in the future. New Shepard is a competition for Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

Because of the prohibitive costs associated Space missions And the development of the private sector involved in such projects, NASA has been using so-called subcontractors in its activities for a long time. One of the biggest and most famous SpaceXIt is a billion-owned and famous company Elona Musca |. In recent years, however, it has grown a lot from the competition, in shape Blue originWho owns it Jeff Bezos (Who also owns Amazon).

Blue Shepherd Jeff Bezos sn-15 TESR missile of 100 km

The Blue Origin crew capsule looks luxurious

Both companies competed time and time again in terms of both Global technological innovationsAnd the Tenders announced by NASA (For example, NASA will use Blue Origin’s appeal.) Nevertheless, the cosmic realm is an exceptional field to show off and very profitable interests People move Although the Crew Dragon (SpaceX) crew capsules have been used several times to transport astronauts, New Shepherd (Blue Origin) promises to be very influential. The more it will be in the future The missile aims to transport tourists into space.

New Shepherd’s test

Blue origin Implemented very important New Shepherd’s test The name of the object NS-15 (The fifteenth attempt of a missile). It is meant to be Reusable rocket And it works like a chain Falcon. During the trial, he was also examined Passenger capsule. All can be viewed by clicking Next Shots

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Luckily, Everything went according to planThe missile reached speed 3651 km / h, its altitude reached more than 100 km, Which is an imaginary region between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space. The procedure was also successful Detach the capsule After reaching the maximum ceiling.

After this both maneuver The missile and capsule fell safely – a missile on its own, and thank you capsule Special umbrella.