Who will be refined and who will be reduced in the next correction?

Update 11.5 is expected to arrive on League of Legends servers on March 3, but players can now take a look at the developer plans.

In them you can find, among other things, the very popular recently weakening Udyr (Why is Udyr the horror in LoL and why is everyone playing it? “This building is disgusting.”) Or Senna, which got much stronger thanks to an element.

Nerfs and Buffs in Patch 11.5

Element Hobbyists

  • Black cleaver
  • Mao Malmortius
  • Snake canine

Element Changes

Nerves the Hero

  • Seraphine
    • The heroine has become very famous as a bot load, and Winratio for her is really high. The developers want to verify this position.
  • Oder
  • Ramos
  • Shacko
    • Weaknesses will target the strength of the hero in a support position.
  • Real
  • Azeer
  • Cinnamon tree
    • The heroine’s interaction with Ginsu Rageblade is very strong. This is where you target the vulnerabilities.
  • Gragas

We see – Why do professional LoL players choose the blue side so much?

Hero amateurs

  • Pike
  • Karma
  • cupbord
  • Master Yi
  • Sejuani
  • Jax
  • Kog’Maw

The hero changes

  • Twitch
    • The creators want to slightly balance the strength of Twitch Building under AP and AD.

Sure the slightest surprise is Udyr’s weakening, which is pretty powerful right now. This is 8 decreases and 7 improvements in total. We will probably get a more specific and detailed description tomorrow.

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