Initial results show that the propeller blade failure in a Pratt & Whitney engine that crashed on a United Airlines Boeing 777-200 was related to corrosion of the metal.

The head of NTSB, who has yet to link the Saturday incident to the February incident, added, “ It is important that we truly understand the facts, circumstances and circumstances surrounding this particular event before we can compare it to any other event. ” 13, 2018 during a Boeing 777-200 United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Honolulu.

Then, at a high altitude, 45 minutes before landing, the right motor fan’s blades broke: the same fan that was damaged last weekend.

The engine components will now be tested at Pratt and Whitney Lab under the direction of NTSB investigators. It will investigate what caused the engine hood to break down, and also what was the cause shooting.

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United States of America. Boeing 777. A decision to suspend flights

A serious accident happened on Saturday. One of the plane’s engines Boeing 777 Lenny United AirlinesOn a flight from Denver to Honolulu, Hawaii, it caught fire shortly after takeoff. Fragments of its construction fell to the ground, and videos and pictures of the scene and pictures of the burning engine spread on the ground on social media.

Nevertheless, the pilots of the machine with 241 people on board were able to return to the Denver airport and land there. Nobody hurts.

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On Sunday, United Airlines temporarily grounded all 24 Boeing 777s powered by Pratt & Whitney 4000 engines on Sunday. Boeing’s concern has also advised airlines to suspend 777 flights.