As of 0.01 this morning (Wednesday, December 16), the majority of Essex are subject to Level 3 restrictions.

Despite the second lockdown and ensuing restrictions, coronavirus cases across the province continued to rise.

Only three areas remained at Level 2, namely Colchester, Atlasford and Tendering.

The latest figures on the number of infections in each region show that there has been a significant spike in cases.

Basildon remains one of the worst-affected areas in England, with the third-highest infection rate after Swell and Midway, both of which are in Kent.

Last week, 1,303 people tested positive for the coronavirus, bringing the infection rate to 696.1.

This means that 696.1 people out of every 100,000 are infected with the virus.

The most recent data, for the week ending Dec.11, show that infection rates in another part of Essex have moved the region into the top ten.

Injuries in Thorrock increased by 883 in those seven days, making it the 10th hardest-hit area in England.

In Thurrock, the infection rate is currently 506.5.

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There is also another part of Essex that is close to the top ten.

660 people tested positive for covid-19 in Epping Forest last week, raising the infection rate there to 501.2 and making it the 12th most affected place.

Of the 315 local areas across England, 246 saw an increase in cases in the seven days.

68 places saw cases fall and not a single domain changed.

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Here in Essex, every region has seen an increase in the number of people infected with the Coronavirus.

The numbers are in each region

The following data are from the seven days leading up to December 11th.

December 12-15 not included because data won’t be completely accurate yet.


New cases: 1,303

Incidence rate: 696.1


New cases: 883

Incidence rate: 506.6

Epping Forest

New cases: 660

Incidence rate: 501.2


New cases: 349

Incidence rate: 453.1

Castle Point

New cases: 330

Incidence rate: 365.1


New cases: 537

Incidence rate: 351.9


New cases: 640

Incidence rate: 349.5


New cases: 292

Incidence rate: 334.2


New Issue: 578

Incidence rate: 324


New cases: 261

Incidence rate: 299.8


New cases: 144

Incidence rate: 221.8


New cases: 148

Incidence rate: 162.1


New cases: 229

Incidence rate: 117.6


New cases: 162

Incidence rate: 110.5