House Democrats introduced a bill banning the use of federal funds to commemorate “some former presidents.” They could not have been, among other things, buried in Arlington National Cemetery. This act, although not directly, clearly indicates that the designers meant President Donald Trump.

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Pursuant to House Bill 484, federal funds cannot be used, inter alia, in building or displaying symbols and monuments for a president who has been questioned twice by the House of Representatives of Congress on or before this legislation enters into force or convicted of committing a statewide crime or federal activities related to With his job.

In US history, Donald Trump has only faced impeachment twice. Either way, the Senate acquitted him.

Memorial symbols cannot be displayed on federal public lands, including highways, parks, counters, federal buildings, military facilities, and boulevards. Federal funds will also not finance, for example, the design or remodeling of buildings, structures, installations, etc., for facilities commemorating these presidents.

According to the bill, “any former president indicted twice by the House of Representatives” cannot be buried in Arlington National Cemetery. He will also not be able to exercise other powers vested in the former leaders of the state, with the exception of personal protection from secret services.

According to US media, the bill was sponsored in late January by California Democrat Linda Sanchez and introduced by party colleague Andre Carson of Indiana. On February 4, the project was presented to the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Economic Development, Public Buildings and Crisis Management. It is not known when the vote will take place on this issue.

Although Donald Trump is no longer in office, he must be held accountable for his actions, and taxpayers must not pay for his future actions. I can’t imagine sending students from Southern California or anywhere in America to a school named after a traitorous president

Sanchez said.

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Republican Illinois House Member Mary Miller criticized the bill. She attributed this to her apparent obsession with Donald Trump.

Looks like no matter where he’s buried, it will live on your mind forever! Nothing says “unity” like legislation aimed at one person

– The Republican wrote on Twitter on Thursday.