As of Friday, March 4, passenger service has been moved from the Łowicz Główny railway station building to the temporary station. This will allow the contractor to extend the front of the business to the entire facility.

The transfer of personnel to a temporary station is associated with the progress of construction work. The entire existing terminal building and adjacent area have been closed for use. Passenger service has been taken over by a temporary station located opposite the existing building, across the street, in a green square between Dworcowa and Bolimowska Streets. In the temporary terminal built from container units, travelers will find a ticket office, a waiting room of about 27 square meters and a toilet.

The passenger service space is fully air-conditioned and equipped with the necessary amenities for people with disabilities and an audio information system. The commissioning of the facility will enable the construction contractor to extend its facade. So far, the work of organizing the construction site, the construction of a temporary station and most of the necessary demolitions have been carried out and will continue. The process of strengthening the foundations of the building from the podium side has also begun, as well as preparatory work to create a new water connection to the building.

The reconstruction of the Łowicz Główny railway station is being carried out as part of the railway station investment program for the period 2016-2023 from PKP SA’s own funds. The total investment value is 11 million PLN. Design documents for the rebuilding of the station have been prepared by Domagało Wnuk Architekci studio, and construction work will be carried out by Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlane “Częstobud” Damian Świącik of Czestochowa. More on redevelopment here.

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