We can confidently move to full-time learning, as well as catch up with distance learning. I have always said that distance learning is nothing but an unpleasant necessity, because it will not replace stationary learning and will never be as effective – said the head of MEiN on Telewizja Trwam.

– You always have to stand up for the truth. He added that there is no need to be ashamed of that because of the circumstances for which teachers, students or parents are not responsible, the effectiveness of learning during the pandemic was lower than during the residency period.

The Minister emphasized that an important part of supporting children in learning will be supportive – voluntary activities for students, for which teachers will receive additional funds.

– We have allocated 187 million for this purpose. Already 90 per cent. Schools needed this money, and from September 1, every week, there will be one hour of supportive lessons in subjects that teachers and management consider essential and in which there is the greatest backlog, Kazarnik said.

– In short, the school before the 1st of September has been slightly damaged by the distance learning of the previous months; somewhat recovered thanks to the return to school for the past four or six weeks (before summer vacation – editor); He added that he was ready to catch up.

Kazarnik was also asked about the students’ vaccinations. The minister stated that they were voluntary. – Noting that vaccination is not obligatory, and no one requires this obligation.

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“As of today, nearly 80 percent of teachers are people who have been vaccinated with the second dose,” said Maine. – Inevitably, with this level of vaccination, the introduction of mandatory vaccination in this group is not justified – he evaluated.

Kazarnik also stated that he was “an absolute opponent of the introduction of the duty to vaccinate students”.