• There was a dance show waiting for the entries in “The Lady Project”. The girls did not hide that the preparations were difficult for them
  • In the evening the students went to the theater. What they saw surprised them greatly
  • Two of the participants had to leave the palace
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It’s time to take on new challenges in “Projekt Lady”. Immediately after the transitions, Each of the participants had to learn to dance. The students also had the opportunity to go to the theater. When the changed students of the “Madam’s Project” returned to the palace in Ogerzano, a meeting with Magorzata Rosink-Magdan was waiting for them. The guide faced another challenge, learning to dance. The girls faced each other at the beginning of their training Difficulties. They made no secret that it was not an easy task.

However, I tried each of them as best I could. They were supposed to present their newly acquired skills on the dance floor, which motivated them to act. When both the dance lesson and the show ended, the participants of the “Madam Project” went to Tatiana Mendevich-Boach. There they also touched on the topic of relationships, which turned out to be especially painful for Zoya. The girl went through difficult experiences behind her that deprived her of her belief in true love. However, the mentor tried to convince her not to look at all men in terms of her experiences. Although it was very difficult, the participant decided to think about the words of Tatiana Mendevich-Boach.

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Lady Project. The theater visit surprised the girls

In the evening, the participants of the “Lady Project” went to the theater accompanied by their dance partners. But the initial excitement turned to shame. And it turns out that instead of Dziadi, they were waiting for a show that reflected their behavior. Especially Zuzia did not like it. The girl could not approach the performance in a positive way.

What do the other participants say? Many of them were pleased with this turn of events and came to some conclusions.

Visiting the theater certainly gave the girls a lot to think about.

Lady Project. Which of the participants is the best dancer?

The next day on “The Lady Project” brought a lot of tension to the participants. All because of the upcoming dance tournament. The girls had to present their arrangements not only to the guides, but also to the jury that came to the palace. When the dance challenge ended, it turned out to be over Victoria handled it better. The victory made her very happy.

After an eventful day, it’s time for the least fun part of making your decision. Choose Mentors – The palace in Ojrzanów had to leave Natalia. Unlike that Due to ill health, Victoria had to withdraw from the program.

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