The Cockclay Fund Superstar Sophie Sandeford broke down in tears at Friday’s show as she watched Boris Johnson’s new announcement of her shutdown.

The 24-year-old watches TV with her brother Pete, 26, and the Northern duo always have viewers flirt with their rude banter.

But it was a rare bleak moment for Sophie as she suddenly burst into tears, her older brother comforting her.

Sophie works as a window designer, and when the new shutdown shut down all unnecessary stores, Sophie was absolutely terrified that she was going to lose her job.

Sophie cried as she said people would lose their jobs in the second lockdown

Pitt asked, “What do they classify as nonessential stores?”

Sophie replied, “If you don’t sell food, it’s like the last time. So my business will be closed.”

“you are fine?” He asked her when he noticed that she was crying silently.

Pitt pleaded with his younger sister not to be upset, or he would, too

“It’s sad, isn’t it,” she replied, wiping her tears. “It’s just a thing for everyone, and it’s going to get worse, more people will lose their jobs and things like that, it’s horrible.”

Pitt said, “Oh, don’t panic, kid, not because you’re going to blow me up!”

Viewers took over Twitter To share how they felt about Sophie, as someone wrote: “Poor little Sophie. What a pretty, pretty girl.

“Her heart was broken for everything that people are going through because of # COVID19 And the # Lockwon 2uk What a beautiful soul. Pete is adorable too, which caused a stir for her. Awwww. My heart.”

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“It was just my first tear # Insurance 2. Send Sophie a big virtual hug. # The Cockclay Fund@ C4GoggleboxPost wrote.

A third added: “The whole nation took a deep breath as they watched # The Cockclay FundEmbed a Tweet Little Sister Sophie is affected # Lockwon 2uk. I was fine until I saw it. ”

* Gogglebox is broadcasting Friday at 9 PM on Channel 4