The electric bus Irizar and the e-tram tested by MPK SA left in Krakow today on line 169, and in the following days it will also operate on lines 124 and 424. The car will be tested in Poland for the first time.

It is noteworthy that the Irizar electric bus of the authorized dealer of the Wanicki Group will be tested for the first time in Poland. Vehicle testing will continue until January 28.

The car is distinguished above all by its unique and unusual exterior design. Irizar is a 100% electric, zero-emissions bus with a tram-like appearance. The streamlined shape and wheel covers aren’t enough. The very large surface of the windows is also unique, giving occupants the impression of a very large area.

The bus is more than 12 meters long, has a low floor, with a separate space, special buttons and handles for people with reduced mobility, and a platform giving access to people in wheelchairs. It has air conditioning, a monitoring system and a passenger information system. There are three pairs of doors for passengers, the middle width of which is 1.2 meters. Inside, approximately 100 passengers can travel simultaneously.

The car is equipped with 180 kW batteries, which are charged by means of a plug and a copier, in three ways: slow, fast and super fast charging.

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