If the entire House of Representatives agrees with the opinion of the House Public Finance Committee, there will be no changes to the 2022 budget proposed by the Senate, which is intended to compensate farmers for high fertilizer prices and not pay for raw materials taken by the House. Bankrupt buying companies.

The Senate submitted several dozen amendments to the draft state budget for 2022, including including in the budget spending on fertilizer subsidies and compensation for farmers who incurred losses as a result of the bankruptcy of the fundraiser.

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The House Finance Committee is now rejecting the Senate’s subsequent amendments to the Budget Act.

Proceedings began on the 14th.

The government’s position is negative on the upcoming amendments.

The amendment also provided for subsidies to farmers for the purchase of fertilizers with a value of 140,000,000 subsidies and subsidies. PLN – he did not receive state support and was rejected by the deputies of the commission. 26 deputies supported the amendment and 28 deputies opposed it. Nobody refrains.

There will also be no compensation fund for farmers who have suffered losses as a result of the bankruptcy of the collector, with the amount of subsidies and subsidies amounting to 500 million PLN. zloty. 24 deputies out of 52 voted in favor of its establishment. The government was against.

Now the entire House of Representatives will debate the Senate amendments – sessions will take place on January 26 and 27, 2022.

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