25 firefighting teams are still fighting the fire in the archives of the city hall that broke out on Saturday night in Krakow. The situation is difficult, mainly due to the limited space for the firefighters to move in. The procedure may take several more hours.

The spokesman for the Malopolska fire brigade, Sebastian Woiniak, informed the People’s Action Party on Sunday evening that the rescue and firefighting activities were in the mujahideen. They are still continuing in Zaic and it is difficult to say when they will end. The procedure will likely last from several hours to several hours.

Currently there are 25 teams, i.e. 75 firefighters, working on the site. In total, there will be more of them – due to long hours of work, the exchange of firefighters. “The conditions for extinguishing this fire are very difficult, it is very stressful,” the spokesman admitted.

Woźniak explained what the services are focusing on at the moment. “We were able to poke holes in the wall of one of the halls, which initially allowed us to partially extract it. The concept developed by the employees is to insert a light foam inside from two sets of foam, so as to extinguish the fire by filling it.” – he explain. He added that the creation of the openings was done in agreement with the supervision of the construction, who is also present at the site.

According to Voiniac, the procedure conducted “is very difficult due to the limited space in which the firefighters can move.” According to the city of Krakow, the archive contains 20,000 meters of documents in operation. For firefighters, the big problem is the need to move massive racks about three meters high.

“During the normal operation of the archive, they were moving electrically, but when the electricity went out, we had to move them manually. When we move such a shelf, there are new sources of fire that must be extinguished; archival documents must be extinguished and they can be removed” – emphasized Woźniak. He pointed out that the shelves inside are exposed to high temperatures, and therefore their elements change and swell, which makes the process very difficult. “We also have to maintain our own safety,” he noted.

Troops and resources were directed from the Krakow region, but also from Myślenice, Brzesko, Nowy Sącz and Tarnów to the scene; An ambulance is also available. “During the procedures, one of the rescuers from Krakow reported feeling unwell and was taken to the emergency room. At the moment he is at home; he is being treated as an injured” – said the spokesman.

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