KLM will not open transatlantic flights to Miami, Orlando and Las Vegas in the coming months. This is a result of the Dutch government’s decision to include the United States in the list of countries with a very high risk of transmission of the virus.

KLM took several months to prepare for the launch of new routes linking Amsterdam with Miami, Orlando and Las Vegas. However, the intercontinental courses will not start as planned. Initially, the opening was due to take place with the arrival of the winter flight schedule, and all communications were to be operated throughout the winter. The first flights to Miami, Orlando and Las Vegas will take place as soon as possible in the last days of March next year.

The decision taken by the KLM is a result of the unfavorable actions of the Dutch government, which imposed additional restrictions on Americans coming to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The United States is included in the list of countries at high risk of transmission of COVID-19, which in practice means a mandatory 10-day quarantine for travelers. Only people who have been fully vaccinated against the virus will be allowed to cross the country’s borders. In addition to mandatory isolation, vaccinated Americans will also have to be tested for COVID-19. Similar rules will apply to visitors from Israel, Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia.

The Dutch airline has strongly expressed its concern and opposition to the measures taken by the authorities in the Netherlands. In a specially issued statement, KLM stressed the need for proportionate and effective measures to combat the epidemic, and the decision to include the United States on the “blacklist” could be considered incomprehensible and contrary to the interests of the national airline. and the entire Dutch aviation sector. At the same time, KLM gave the example of other EU countries (such as Italy, France and Belgium) that do not restrict the movement of people between Europe and the US in this strict way. Finally, the carrier said the government’s decision was a step backwards for KLM.

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It remains unclear when Line will bring US news back into its network. Travelers who have already purchased rotation tickets from Amsterdam to Miami, Orlando and Las Vegas can expect a call from KLM in the coming days.