Blanka Lipinska praised the bathroom that will be in her new home. It is a very elegant interior design. look at the picture.

Blanca Lipinska Posted a trilogy 365 daysthat readers loved. It has received great interest among buyers. After a while, the first part was checked. First, she appeared on cinema screens, and then Netflix became interested in her.

It was a bull’s eye. Production has become very popular all over the world. It has been at the forefront of the choice of movie platform users, including in Germany, Lithuania, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Sweden, Austria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Romania, South Africa, Portugal, India, the United Arab Emirates, Great Britain, Mauritius, Canada, Israel and the United States.

It is known that two more parts are created. This time Netflix bought the rights to its filming. That’s why the writer can’t share selected information about the production with her fans, as she announced on Instastory:

Because it’s no longer “My Own”, it’s a Netflix movie. I am not authorized to provide information on this topic – I responded to an Internet user’s question why you did not share information about the second and third parts of the 365 days.

Blanka Lipinska showed the bathroom. How does it look?

Since Lipinska published her books, she has been at the peak of popularity. Fans follow with interest not only the news of the next adaptation on the screen, but also the writer’s private life. They look at her style, select the recommended products, and note the renovation of the apartment she bought some time ago.

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Although Blanca has long confirmed that she does not intend to buy her Four Corners, she has changed her mind, which she announced on Instagram. Currently, she is arranging the apartment, which is supervised by designer Aleksandra Ziaryk. It is known that black will prevail:

It will be dark. dark black I think I have never seen such an apartment with any star, so black. But I like it that way. I like it when it gets dark. That’s what I said – one loves a cake with cream, and the other – when his legs are sniffed – commented Blanca Lipinska in an interview with Jastrząb Post.

Blanka Lipińska showed what many rooms would look like. She praised, among other things, the kitchen, wardrobe and dining room. Now it’s time for the bathroom I featured in Instastory.

The author added two photos. Someone shows the room beforeThe second is the perception of renewal. Marble will dominate the room on the walls. This is also where a freestanding bathtub will be created, where you will be able to look into a large round mirror, as well as a tub that rests on a dark countertop. Next to it, there will be a stylish shower without a bathtub.

Although the room looks very elegant, not everything is going as the author intended 365 days. Although it has been given a bathroom visualization, it is not known when you will be able to see the final result. You can see what Blanka Lipińska’s apartment would look like by visiting the gallery.

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