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a. Dodik: The PiS was panting at the poll. Decide to warm up the atmosphere and choose a website

Anna Maria Diener, Research Analyst Biorosian And the security policy of the Russian Federation, in an interview with, it was asked whether Russian soldiers will remain in Belarus after the Zapad-2021 exercises. – I heard one piece of information, but it was not verified in any way, that while the Belarusian Railways spoke about the number of special vans that were ordered to transport Russian equipment, there is no information about what to return – she said, explaining that two scenarios could have been foreseen .

– Some Russian soldiers may indeed remain, but I doubt it a little, given the policy of Alexander Lukashenko, who is trying so hard to avoid it. The second version is that the soldiers will leave and the equipment will remain. (…) If this happens, the Russians will be able to “lightly” deploy their forces very quickly in Belarus, where heavy equipment is waiting for them – she explained.

Anna Maria Diener of PISM: The Russians control the territory of Belarus

“The Russians have the territory of Belarus under their control to a large extent”

She also added, the Russians have a joint air defense system with Belarus, and a training center is currently being built near Grodno. – So, the Russians mainly control the territory of Belarus to a large extent, not to say completely – Burana guest Ruzmowa told

Diner asked if that wasn’t the case after last year elections Lukashenka She emphasized that she had to return something to the Kremlin. – Unfortunately yes. If we look at accelerating military integration Russia And in Belarus last year, it was very important – said the expert. She added that the defense ministers of these countries signed last March a five-year plan for military cooperation. – It was there, but it was never formalized – she indicated.

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