Japanese developer Katsuhiro Harada, known from the Tekken series, recently gave an interesting interview in which he admitted that he is working on possibly the most expensive production in Bandai Namco history.

Not everyone can remember it, but in 2019, the father of the Tekken series, the best-selling Bandai Namco series, has been appointed by the company’s management as the ‘General Manager’, thus overseeing all the important projects in the company.

Thanks to one of Katsuhiro Harada’s recent interviews, we learned that a Japanese publisher known for products like Tekken, the Tales series, Ace Combat, and a few other hits, is working on something really big and the Brawl Queen’s father has a big role in it.

I honestly think this might be the most expensive project in Bandai Namco’s entire history. It’s really amazing that those at the top agreed with it – they agreed with our idea, but due to Coronavirus, we haven’t had the opportunity to start this project properly. ”

However, the Japanese pointed out that this is definitely not something we have been waiting for so much for many years – Tekken x Street Fighter.

I work on anything other than fighting games, but I don’t think I’ve ever worked on a fighting game other than Tekken. Of course, I won’t reveal what the project is yet.

If Bandai Namco allows Harada to unleash their imagination and throw a very big budget at it, we can expect something really exciting – maybe even at the AAA level from Capcom. Additionally, the latest news that the Tekken series has surpassed 50 million sold copies and Season 4 has already started in Tekken 7, It can enhance its position in the company.

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