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Just two days later, the first issues appeared with the Windows April Update. Several users reported system instability after installing KB5001330.

There have been many threads on Reddit as Windows 10 users are reporting to each other the same issues that appeared right after installing the latest KB5001330 update. Among the problems described are reports of ongoing reboots the system And the occurrence of BSOD, as well as a significant decrease in the performance Toys.

Gamers reported that after installing KB5001330, the frames per second rate dropped dramatically in many titles. Additionally, they added that apart from the major deterioration in gaming performance, the system itself also significantly slowed its performance, making daily work nearly impossible.

Windows 10 – KB5001330 causing problems? There are several solutions

Among the infected users out there, among others are owners of RTX 3070, RTX 2060 and R5 3600 graphics cards. As a solution to update problems, Reddit users are recommending each other to install the update frequently so that it finally works properly. Others also suggest trying to reinstall the driver for the graphics card, and in extreme cases – reinstall the system.

However, uninstalling the problematic KB5001330 update appears to be the easiest solution. To do this, go to System Settings, select the Update & Security option there, and then click on Windows Update. The next step is to view the entire update history, which will allow us to find the problematic KB5001330 version. Once you find it, select it and click on the Uninstall option.

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