Kate Garaway wants the UK public to adhere to the coronavirus guidelines – such as wearing masks, social distancing and the rule of six – that the government has put in place.

The GMB host, 53, shared her opinion when she presented a Thursday issue of ITV News while looking at the morning headlines.

One of the first pages depicts the prime minister Boris Johnson He told the citizens of the United Kingdom to abide by the rules of the coronavirus in order to “save” Christmas and Kate agreed with the beginning, saying, “That is the idea.”

Kate Garaway wants the UK public to adhere to the government’s anti-coronavirus guidelines

She also reiterated her view during a discussion with Dr. Hillary.

The doctor expressed his thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic and the rules in place to stop the spread of the virus.

“We need to keep this under control,” said the specialist.

The GMB host shared her opinion while presenting Thursday’s version of ITV news show

Because if things get out of hand, we’ll definitely request another national lockdown.

He pointed out that he “controlled things before, but this is the last resort.”

Then Kate added, “Yes, Boris Johnson said on the front page, ‘stick to the rules so we can save Christmas.’

She said, “This is the general idea behind it.”

Kate Derek’s husband contracted the Coronavirus in March and is still in hospital

Kate’s husband Derek Draper He is still slowly recovering from his country Corona Virus Illness.

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The past few months have been very difficult for Kate as her beloved husband Derek continues to recover from Covid-19, whom he contracted earlier this year.

Derek, 53, is still in the hospital, but has woken up from his coma and is recovering from the major damage the virus has done.

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