It has been revealed that the iconic Jumanji movie series will become a theme park attraction. Published in press release The announcement by Merlin Entertainments announced that the company has partnered with Sony Pictures to bring the franchise to its various theme parks around the world.

According to the information provided, we’re told it’s a multi-regional agreement that includes attractions, rides, grounds, retail outlets and themed hotel rooms to appear in theme parks and water parks across Europe, the UK and in the future North America.

The first park where you can experience Jumanji is said to be Merlin’s Gardaland Resort in Italy, where the Jumanji Cable Car will open in April this year. The press release gives an idea of ​​what it will look like, explaining that it will “take visitors to the wonderful world of Jumanji, where an exciting adventure awaits: a journey full of traps, surprises and dangers through the wild jungle.” A “journey” designed for all ages, the launch of this journey will be accompanied by the simultaneous launch of Jumanji-style hotel rooms. .

A second “revitalization” of another theme park is also scheduled, launching in 2023.

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