In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, a billionaire living in London who holds an Israeli passport said when asked about his possible move to Israel: There is no house there nor get the money to buy it. “I am a prisoner here,” he asserted.

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The Russian oligarch has no money for the cleaning lady

The billionaire’s accounts have been frozen and now Friedman himself is “trying to figure out how to pay off even minor expenses, like cleaning,” we read. – Maybe I should clean the house myself? It used to be normal. As a student, I lived in a small dormitory room with four classmates. But after 35 years, such a situation is unexpected for me – he indicated. – I don’t know how to live. I do not know. “I really don’t know,” Friedman said.

Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Friedman’s fortune was estimated at $14 billion. Because of the sanctions, the wealth could be reduced by four billion dollars. Bloomberg Businessweek reports that Friedman must now get approval from the British government to spend the money each time. We read: “Friedman’s spending can be reduced to about 2,500 euros per month.”

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