Julesza 6 is an example of the perfect harmony between architecture, green spaces and the daily needs of the residents.

MakDom developer, participates in the “Nasz Dobre” poll in the construction and real estate category. Julesza 6 is an investment that has been promoted.

Julesza 6 is a space, a recreation area, parking and, of course, attractive apartments. All this in a location where the most important thing is within walking distance. The deadline for implementing the investment is 2023.

The property is designed in the Żelechów district. In the end, it will consist of five six-storey buildings with one floor underground. There will be 203 two-, three- and four-room apartments with a usable area of ​​32 to 67 square meters. They will all have spacious balconies. From the building on the floors there will be a view of Lake Dąbie reaching the horizon and the silhouettes of one of the symbols of Szczecin – the cranes of the shipyard.

The common area will be attractively arranged. In the recreation area, residents will have a children’s playground and a sports area with two table tennis and table football. There will also be benches to relax and green spaces that are integrated, diverse and rich.

Free access and comfort – regardless of the floor – will be guaranteed by the lifts equipped for the disabled. Residents will also take them to the underground floors, which will accommodate 184 cars. This is also how the utility rooms will be located in the basement. An additional 29 parking spaces, including disabled parking spaces, will be located on the roof.

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When looking at the design of the entire property, it is worth paying attention to the distance between the buildings. The courtyard is 60 meters wide at its widest point, and 40 meters at its narrowest point. This large public space and spaces between buildings is one of the few examples of new apartment complexes in Szczecin where residents’ comfort is also ensured outside their buildings.