Ahead of the Speedway of Nations final, the case for the new world champions seemed closed with four triggers. In the absence of the Russians, all experts were sure that the victory would finally fall into the hands of the Polish national team. Since replacing the team’s World Cup with the white and red pair competition – once dominant in international competitions – Mazurek Dąbrowski has not been heard of. Each time they had to acknowledge the superiority of Sporna.

The remaining places on the podium were divided among themselves by the British, Australians and Danes. However, the first’s chances dropped to almost zero on the first day of competition. After Friday’s competition, they took second place in the provisional classification, but lost their best opponent in the last series. The 3-times singles world champion, Ty Wenden, hit the back wheel of Australian Jason Doyle and hit the gang around the track with a force that took almost several minutes to fix. The Englishman had to withdraw from the competition.

During the second day of racing, Wenden’s place in the team was taken by his clubmate from Petard Sparta Wroclaw, 22-year-old Daniel Bewley. Together with Robert Lambert, who was only a year older than him, he began a desperate battle to defend his place on the podium. To the surprise of most experts and the ecstasy of the citizens assembled in Manchester, the young Englishmen did really well. Not only did they secure a place on the podium, but they also beat Denmark in the tiebreaker and won the chance to take on the Poles in a live race for the world championship.

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When most British fans started celebrating the silver medal, something happened that no one expected. After leaving Turn Two of the final race, Maciej Janowski fell on the track. Although the pole quickly got up from the ground and set out to pursue his rivals, he was not able to catch up with them. Great Britain won – for the first time since the 1989 season – the World Tag Team Championship!

Young motorcyclists lived the most beautiful moments of their lives. Standing on the podium, they summoned the injured Woffinden to assign him a gold medal. The British Army captain boasted a screenshot of the conversation on social media. – I’d like to be there now. Boys did what I dreamed of all my life. Congratulations to you legends. I’m proud – star Betard Sparta Wrocław commented.