Jeremy Clarkson is not a fan of Lewis Hamilton, as it has long been known. The former Top Gear star attacked the Briton during the Abu Dhabi GP. Clarkson enjoyed, among other things, the fact that Sergio Perez prevented his compatriot for so long in the race.

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Jeremy Clarkson

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Jeremy Clarkson has repeatedly criticized Lewis Hamilton in British newspapers as the former Top Gear host publishes his columns. Clarkson does not hide that he does not like the fact that the Formula 1 superstar has moved to Monaco and thus avoids paying taxes in the UK.

When the Mercedes driver during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix began complaining about Sergio Perez’s aggressive driving, who deliberately blocked the 36-year-old so that Max Verstappen could make up for his rival, Jeremy Clarkson did not owe him.

Clarkson wrote on Twitter, “You gave Perez, you gave Perez! I got that dangerous ride for you!”

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Hamilton eventually overtook Perez, and while it looked like he would defend the Formula One title, it was insane in the end. After neutralizing, Verstappen found himself right behind the Briton, and overtaken him on the last lap to become the new world champion.

Hamilton’s defeat pleased Clarkson, who dedicated another entry to the British. “Hamilton is standing there tax avoidance, but with a kind face,” said the former Top Gear star.

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Thus, the 61-year-old alluded to the fact that Hamilton gave him a knighthood in early 2021. The decision in this case was delayed for several years – precisely because the Briton is accused of tax evasion in the UK.

Clarkson summed up the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in another post, “I am happy with the result, but we have to suspend these judges. We are all tired of them.” However, his happiness with the Verstappen title may turn out to be premature. Mercedes has protested Sunday’s race results and claimed the championship for Hamilton.

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