For the first time in history, mixed triathlon competitions were competed at the Tokyo Olympics. There was no shortage of emotion in this extremely dynamic competition. In the end, the British reached this historic victory. There were no electrodes.

Artur Babic

Artur Babic

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The mixed triathlon is one of the events that made its debut at the Tokyo Olympics. This highly dynamic competition has been conquering the world’s biggest sporting events for several years, because unlike the traditional solo competition, it is definitely more dynamic.

In this variation of the triathlon, each country is represented by two women and two men. Everyone has to take on the triathlon one by one, but at a much shorter distance than the individual competitions, which are 300 meters swim, 6.8 kilometers by bike and 2 kilometers to run.

Quite unexpectedly, already in the first shift, the ladies began very hard and a separation took shape, indicating who is most ready to fight for medals. Representatives of Great Britain, the Netherlands, the USA and the Netherlands led by 30 seconds.

The United States won the first shift, closely followed by Germany, Great Britain, and the Netherlands. On the other hand, the French had up to 26 seconds behind the leaders. The gentlemen competed in the second shift, so much was expected to change.

The first two competitions didn’t bring much change between the leaders. Only it is noteworthy that the pursuit group increased, which, except for the French, now includes Italians and Belgians. However, as expected, plenty of emotion was brought on by the two-kilometer running section.

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Jonathan Brownlee has a very strong rhythm. The Briton immediately wanted to break the group and gain an advantage to represent him. This also had the desired effect. Great Britain began the third turn with a 9-second advantage over the USA and a 22-second advantage over the Netherlands and Germany.

Everything indicated that Great Britain was on its way to the gold medal. It was enough to look at their last reps, Georgia Taylor Brown and Alex Lee were the current Olympic runners-up just a few days ago.

So it was only Taylor Brown who increased the advantage of the British. However, it was interesting in the struggle for third place, because Germany and the Netherlands began to lose a little behind the leaders. On the other hand, the France representative did a very good job, leading her nation to the slightest step on the podium before the last change. However, Belgium was also important in the match for the medal.

Alex Yi started the final transformation aggressively. The British maintained the lead. However, what made the biggest impression was Vincent Lewis’ amazing change of heart. The French are already 14 seconds behind the American in the water and have taken his country to second place on the road bike. But this was not enough for him. The world singles champion rushed to chase after Alex Yi.

The French did it very quickly. Vincent Lewis met the Briton halfway down the bike path and then set the pace too high to lose his opponent. However, Yee wasn’t played that way, and they both set off for the Cross Country track almost simultaneously.

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However, running is by far Alex Yee’s strongest competition. From the first meters, the Briton jumped away from the French, who clearly felt the effects of this crazy pursuit in the water and on the bike. That means Britain was ahead of the curve by winning the gold medal in the mixed relay opening at the Olympics.

On the other hand, silver fell prey to the Americans. Morgan Pearson crossed Vincent Lewis’ weak point halfway out of the cross-country track, thereby securing his team’s second place finish. The podium was completed by the French.

Poland’s representatives did not qualify for this competition during the Tokyo Olympics.

The results of the mixed relay in the triathlon competition during the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020:

place Area time
1 Great Britain 01:23:41
2 United States of America +00: 00: 14
3 France +00:00:23
4 Holland +00:00:53
5 Belgium +00:00:55

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