In preparation for the launch of the mission, the ground crews successfully carried out Refueling stage of the James Webb Space Telescope. This fuel will be used to control it during the space mission.

JWST is equipped with 12 rocket propellersUsing hydrazine or special fuel A mixture of hydrazine fuel and dinitrogen tetroxide. For safe refueling, Webb was transferred to the Ariane Cargo Preparation Facility at the European Spaceport in French Guiana. The procedure began on November 25 and It lasted 10 days.

The modern space telescope built by Northrop Grumman is now filled to capacity 168 kg of hydrazine fuel and 133 kg of dinitrogen tetroxide. Both the fuel and the oxidizer will be used in a large “flare” and will be used to bring the telescope into L2 orbit. On the other hand, hydrazine will use itself for a little “ignition” – minimal angle flight corrections.

The refueling system was officially disconnected on December 3, followed by inspections that ended on December 11.

The next stage will be the relocation of JWST to the Final Assembly Building i Putting a telescope on top of the rocket. The missile and its payload will be transported to the launch site two days before the scheduled take-off. Everything indicates that the most advanced and predictable astronomical instrument will finally be launched into orbit.

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