Author: Akpa
Isabella Mikko earned 16 million PLN in Hollywood

Isabella Miko (41 years old) has been living in the United States for many years. He plays in Hollywood movies and series. And while it doesn’t make much noise around it, it earns coconut anyway. The American portal “Net Worth” estimated her fortune at 4 million dollars, or 16 million zlotys!

Miko He can’t complain about the lack of roles. In the City of Angels, she has made a name for herself as an actress. It is true that she does not get lead roles in high-budget productions, but constant work in TV series and films guarantees her a stable source of income. In the comedy series “Rebot”, Iza starred in one episode and earned almost 50 thousand. dollar. Recently, she also appeared in two episodes of the production of “The Flight Attendent”, where the star was driven. American movie legend Sharon Stone (64). For this, I got 100 thousand. dollar. Cencik raised for cencik and Miko $4 million. She even bought herself a house in the Hollywood Hills overlooking Los Angeles.

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Eza worked hard for her American career. He has been living in the United States since the age of 15When she came to New York on a ballet scholarship.