Prince Harry has been living in the US for several years, having moved in with his wife Meghan Markle after they gave up their royal titles. Foreign media reported that Harry, in order to meet the requirements of Hollywood, made himself Botox. The latest pictures confirm this?

Prince Harry and his relatives have moved to the United States, where they have lived since they renounced their royal titles and no longer represent the British royal family. Harry and Meghan, with their son Archie, lived on a property in Montecito, where they were soon joined by their daughter Lillibit Diana, who was born after the tumultuous decision of her parents.

Although family life seems idyllic, it is not without its problems. It should be noted the deterioration of the relationship between Harry and his loved ones in Britain, as well as the stench that has bothered them since they moved to Montecito. As reported by foreign magazines, despite the fact that the location of the property is very prestigious and the cream of American business lives around it, Harry and Meghan decided to sell their giant real estate.

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Prince Harry got Botox?

Less than two years of living in California appears to have made Prince Charles’ youngest son feel the pressure to maintain his youthful appearance – or at least that can be inferred from reports in the local media. As New Idea reported, Harry was supposed to make the Botox face “to meet Hollywood standards.”

As evidence for her allegations, the newspaper featured a juxtaposition of old photos of the prince with those taken only a few days earlier. Harry is supposed to look young in the recent photos, and his skin is very smooth. Most importantly, the absence of wrinkles on the forehead, which was clearly visible in the prince for a long time. Interestingly, a gossip magazine, famous for its often unconfirmed, and even erroneous, references contacted a plastic surgeon who estimated that even if Prince did something to the face, it was only a small part of the material. As he destined, Harry looks great.

Looking at the pictures, it’s really hard not to notice that Harry’s face is soft and bright. The only question is whether this is due to the intervention of a Botox expert. A famous gossip cop has tried to deny these rumors [czyli dokładnie “Tropiciel plotek – przyp. aut.]However, it cannot be clearly excluded.

Do you think Prince Harry really wants to catch up to Hollywood’s high standards?