Determining the issue of the return of Poles from Great Britain at Christmas and testing them with increased responsibility for the development of the British boom in Poland is another manipulation – Health Minister Adam Niedzelski emphasized on Saturday.

Arguments that the Poles who returned to the country from Great Britain before Christmas had not been tested for the third wave of the epidemic and the spread of the British coronavirus mutation contributed, among other things, to opposition politicians.

At a press conference in Warsaw, Niedzelski referred to accusations that by organizing the transport from Great Britain of his own countrymen before Christmas, the government had condemned Poland for the dynamic development of the British coronavirus mutation.

“This is not true at all, because first we made the decisions that we made in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization, which appeared, unless I am wrong in the deadline, December 20, I had the opportunity to inform the Ministry of Health and Safety and conduct such an examination,” – said Niedzielski .

He added that he had issued such an order to the head of General Intelligence, and that these instructions were implemented.

“However, determining this element of responsibility for the development of the British boom in Poland is another manipulation. Manipulation, because if we look at all the surrounding countries – whether it is Germany or the Czech Republic (..) Slovakia or other European countries,” the head of the Ministry of Health added, “This is Systematic development is taking place everywhere the British boom is recorded, no matter when the no-fly zone is imposed. “

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He pointed out that the acceleration of the spread of the epidemic occurred at the end of February or even the beginning of March. “Hence, linking what happened on December 20-21 to the situation at the beginning of March was a contributing factor, which of course is another manipulation” – Niedzelsky emphasized. (PAP)

Author: Victoria Nysek

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